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Kerk Profile

"I use the art of performing as a tool to explore subjects and ideas that capture and hold my interest.
My audience is often expected to give direct feedback on my performances or even participate and
thereby perform in them, making them an integral part of the work or even comprising the work
I enjoy performing at unconventional sites in public spaces, where audience reaction is often very
different from a traditional stage: less predictable, less polite.
This also presents the challenge of working with negative feedback, or with no feedback at all.
Using humor, be it sarcasm, irony, wit or all out silliness, is an effective method I often employ to
reach my audiences.
In addition to performance, I also work with video art and photography. In this work, my focus is to
observe familiar situations from an unfamiliar perspective."

Hans Christian van Nijkerk (b. 1982) is a Norwegian / Dutch visual artist, performer and musician living in Bergen. He earned his bachelor in contemporary art in Tromsø. Hans Christian's primary artistic expression is performance, live as well as video-based. Furthermore, he works with music, sound, photography, text and installation. In his work Hans Christian explores - often using humor - themes such as the audience, communication technology, greed, desire, memories, transience and death. His latest partly autobiographical main project deals with competition and athletics.
He is also known to do collaborations, with artists such as: performance artist Hiroko Tsuchimoto, electronic musician and visual artist Termodress and visual artist Cornelia Glitsch.

Some highlights from van Nijkerk's artistic career:

Performances at Fylkingen in Stockholm, Sweden (2017), International Performance Art Giswil, Switzerland (2016), HANSEartWORKS in Viljandi, Estonia (2015) and with the artist group SINTOS in various cities in Germany (2016).
Group exhibitions «Melancholy Lover of a Vanished Space» at Silverlens Gallery Singapore (2013) and «As Time Goes By» at Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter (2011), solo exhibition "Winners of Loss" at galleri Blunk (2014), concert performances at Melbu Elektronika Festival (2012), Elektrostat (2014), Phonofestivalen (2008+2010) and Ole Bull Scene with Bergen Impro Laug (2007) and participation in the Norwegian poetry slam national finals in Oslo (2011).


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Contact info:
Hans Christian van Nijkerk
e-mail: kerk@kerkart.com
Tlf: +47 924 46 715
Org. nr: 994978470

Studio Address:
Lille Markeveien 15
N-5005 Bergen

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