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Tenkepause / Time-out - by Håvard Nyhagen Henriksen and Hans Christian van Nijkerk

We have been inspired by how aboriginal populations all over the world use all parts of an animal in their way of life. Animal fur becomes clothing, their tendons become thread, and their horns become medicine for erectile dysfunction. The recording of the music video “På Trening” by Slim Kerk, like most other recordings, left lots of surplus material, doomed to forever just stay on someone’s harddrive, never to be watched by anyone… But we decided to make something out of it, our own medicine for the ailments of the modern world, this video called “Time-out”.


Slim Kerk - På Trening

Director of photography: Ken Robert Haltvik
Producer and editor: Kristian Blilie Berg
Assistant producer: Iris Loretta Llanos
Screenplay: Hans Christian van Nijkerk
Animator, color correction and grading: Doug Brown

Slim Kerk: Hans Christian van Nijkerk
Competitor nr.1: Njål Kvendseth
"Challenge denied" / woman by traffic light: Joanna Tocher
Grappler 1: Kim Winchester Larsen
Grappler 2: Tommy Winchester Larsen
Competitor nr.2: Mikael Andreas Sandøy
Competitor nr 3: Kristian Blilie Berg

Thank you:
Håvard Nyhagen Henriksen, Coop OBS! Hypermarked Vestkanten Storsenter, Tommy Winchester Larsen, Bergen Segway and all the willing joggers on Fjellveien.

"På Trening" and Slim Kerk - Work Out EP was mixed and mastered by Jan Frode Haugseth

"Slim Kerk - På Trening" is on Slim Kerk - Work Out EP © 2016 Filibuster Records

© 2016 Sunstone Film and Animation / Slim Kerk


Treningsleiren // The Athletics Training Camp

From the exhibition
"When the light began fading, I wandered home" with Cornelia Glitsch:


Winners of Loss - series
Winners of Loss Thumbnail



Skavlan Thumbnail


Ku Mø Bugsy Box. Video collaboration with Øystein Nesheim.

Copyright © Hans Christian van Nijkerk 2017
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