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Public Display of Emotion
Performance at the international performance art festival PAB OPEN in Bergen Norway, October 6-8.
Actual duration: approximately 30 minutes.
Camera: Joanna Tocher

Equinox to Equinox
Excerpts from a 1-hour Open Session (group improvisation) with members of Performance Art Bergen: Anette Friedrich Johannessen, Jan Egil Finne and Hans Christian van Nijkerk.
This was on the International Performance Art Day, September 22nd in 2017.


The Desire for Desires
Sketch for a performance on boredom.
With Hiroko Tsuchimoto on a mini-residency at C.OFF in Stockholm (Sweden) in July.


YOU CAN (NOT) DO IT (ALONE) - with Hiroko Tsuchimoto
A duo performance piece by Hans Christian van Nijkerk & Hiroko Tsuchimoto
February 3, 2017 @ FYLKINGEN, Stockholm
Photos by Hironori Tsukue
Camera: Erik Wijkström

Co-production with NKF, Nordic Art Association & Fylkingen

Hans Christian van Nijkerk / Hiroko Tsuchimoto - Public Discomfort performance sketches
Trying out some performance ideas of public discomfort in Stockholm on saturday 11th of February 2017.
Filmed with a very basic spycam - date in the video is incorrect.
1) As a pedestrian, sitting on folding chairs by traffic intersections while waiting for the green light.
2) Sitting in various bizarre ways on a folding chair on the subway.
3) Singing advertisements out loud while ascending and descending escelators in the subway station.


The Active Audience at International Performance Art Giswil (Switzerland)
© Iris Ganz / International Performance Art Giswil 2016

REW FFW / Reversible REWE Markt
5 min recap of a performance in Telgte, (Germany) with members Agnes Lundgren and Yvoe Ree and filmed by the late Pierre-Loup Auger of artist group SINTOS during the Sintorama art festival on March 26th.


"The Active Audience" at Landmark and Cornerteateret, Bergen:

"Test For Success" at PAB OPEN at the old district prison of Bergen.
Test for Success PAB OPEN

Performance improvisation with 2 loaves of bread, 1 foccaccia and well over 100 Norwegian kroner in coins.
Part of a PAB OPEN group improvisation session on Festplassen, september 4th.

"Visit Bergen: Pronounciation of the Bergen dialect / My card" (2015) at the Hanseatic Days Bergen reception in Viljandi, Estonia.

"The Public Vs The Performer" at Performance Festival "ReFormat Vilnius" at Gallery Kalnas in Vilnius, Lithuania.


Group Training Session: "The Public Vs The Performer". Winners of Loss solo exhibition opening night at Galleri Blunk in Trondheim.
Ja vi elsker thumbnail

Marilyn Monroe's Last 20 Minutes Before Committing Suicide
Collaboration with choreographer and performer Kristine Nilsen Oma
Marilyn Thumbnail

Photo: Joanna Tocher


To Perform Is To Achieve at PAB OPEN

HomeMade - I remember / Jeg husker (with Aslaug Juliussen at Vårscenefest, Tromsø)

Art Fans Commentary at Kurant, Tromsø

To Perform Is To Achieve
at Small Projects


To Perform Is To Achieve / Heia Den Som Vinner

Performance night at Kvarteret in Bergen, september 5th 2012.

Selvportrett / Self Portrait / Zelfportret

Performance at the opening of the Bachelor exhibition I AM HOT FOREVER // I AM NOT FOREVER,
Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art.
Selfportrett / Self Portrait / Zelfportret Thumbnail

The Bystander Problem / Tilskuerproblemet
Video documentation of an invisible theater performance by Hans Christian van Nijkerk at Februarseminaret (a seminar on research communication) at Tromsø University, February 7th 2012.


Reality 2.0: Private Cell Time
Some private cell time with Hans Christian van Nijkerk and Martha Kristin Wallevik.
From the Swankmajer concert performance "Reality 2.0." at Rådstua Theatre in Tromsø, Norway on november 8th 2011.
Lighting design: Nicolas Horne.

Never Give Up

Collaboration with choreographer and performer Kristine Nilsen Oma
Never Give Up Thumbnail


Reversible series


Delay / Decay

Video documentation of the performance "Delay / Decay". Performed 3 times at a site-specific room installation in a former dental practice during Kunstskolen i Bergen's graduation show may 29th - june 1st 2009. This footage is from the 1st of June.



Copyright © Hans Christian van Nijkerk 2017
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