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Download CV in Norwegian here and in English here, as a pdf. file.

Curriculum Vitae

Personalia: Hans Christian van Nijkerk
Date of birth: 01.03.1982 (Amsterdam, NL)
Native Languages: Norwegian (Bokmål), Dutch, English


2009-2012: Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, Bachelor degree in Contemporary Art
2007-2009: Kunstskolen i Bergen (KiB), 2 year Art School
2004-2005: Art History 101-104, University of Bergen
2001-2003: Journalism, 2 years at MI in Bergen, Norway (Now called Norges Kreative Fagskole / NKS)
2000-2001: Fana Folkehøyskole – Media.
1998-2000: Secondary School, Helen Parkhurst College in Almere, the Netherlands.
1993-2000: Private lessons by artist Agmon van Veen in Almere, the Netherlands.

Member of:

Performance Art Bergen

Scholarships / grants:

2017: 1 Year working grant - Billedkunstneres Vederlagsfond.

2016: 1 Year working grant - Billedkunstneres Vederlagsfond.

2013: Arts Council Norway, grant for newly graduated artists

2011: Project grant from Intro Talent for the project “Reality 2.0.”



- «The Pleasure of Your Company is Required» - performance with Hiroko Tsuchimoto at Landmark, Bergen (NO) - November 23. Supported by BLOKK and Nordic Culture Point.
- Slim Kerk concert performance at Bergen Art Book Fair at Landmark, Bergen (NO) - October 19.
- PAB OPEN 2017 at Vaskerelven in Bergen, (NO) October 7.
- Sounding/Political - «Norwegian Values» - PAB Open Session in front of Kode 1, Bergen (NO)– September 8.
- ”Catherine the Great and the shaman”, performance by Amelia Beavis-Harrison at the Arctic Hysteria exhibition at USF, Bergen. (NO) Performed together with Małgorzata Osypińska. Curated by LOCUS. April 22.
- Slim Kerk concert performance at B-OPEN opening party at Østre, Bergen (NO) April 21.


- Bergen International Performancefestival 2016: Soundpainting with BIT20 Ensemble, Strings & Timpani and Performance Art Bergen.
- International Performance Art Giswil festival from 10.-12.september (Switzerland).
- Performances in Telgte, Ostbevern, Münster, Soest (Germany) with SINTOS, 23rd - 31st of March.
- Performance with PAB-members at Foundation 3,14, March 20th.


- PAB OPEN 2015 in the old jail building by Bergen City Hall, September 5th.
- Group Performance Improvisation at Festplassen, Bergen, September 4th.
- «The Active Audience» at Bergen Kunsthall / Landmark with PAB members, August 22nd.
- «The Public Vs The Performer», group training at performance festival reFORMAT Vilnius
in Vilnius - Lithuania, June 19th - June 22nd.. Curated by Marija Griniuk.
- Group and solo performances («Visit Bergen» and «REW / REW – Rimi UKU»,
among others) at HANSEartWORKS 2015 in Viljandi, Estonia, June 4th - June 7th.


- Lecture / Performance at Open Forum, Kunstnernes Hus – Oslo, October 6th. Curated by Amelia Beavis-Harrison
- “The Public Vs The Performer”, group training outside of Blunk gallery and inside Ramp Pub, Trondheim, September 26th.
- «Marilyn Monroe's Last 20 Minutes Before Committing Suicide»
Performance with Kristine Nilsen Oma at Torgallmenningen – Bergen, April 29th – final show of «Dans. Et sted 29.04 – Assembly for site-specific dance».
- «Dancing with dingledodies: music of the beat generation» Spoken Word Jazz concert with musicians P.Asbjørnsen, T.Husø, A. Langesæter, R. Berntsen & S. Veland. Teglverket, Kvarteret (Bergen, April 23rd).


- «To Perform Is To Achieve», Performance at PAB OPEN 2013 in the old jail building by Bergen City Hall, September 7th.
- «Art Fans Commentary», Performance at Prøverommet - Frantz : Navle | Trykk : TrykK, Bergen, 2nd of September.
- «Art Fans Commentary», Performance at the exhibition «Kurant 4 1/2 år» - curated by Kristin Tårnes. Kurant Exhibition Space (Tromsø, June 07th ).
- ”HomeMade”, by Haugen Productions. http://www.haugenproduksjoner.no/ Performances (7) «I remember...» co-created by and performed together with visual artist Aslaug Juliussen. Tromsø, 3rd - 5th of May, during the Vårscenefest Performing Arts Festival.
- «Art Fans Commentary», Performance at regional meeting for the Norwegian Visual Artists Association in Tromsø, March 3rd.
- «To perform is to achieve» Alternative training program and sports lecture at Small Projects in Tromsø, January 26th. Also included a public screening of «Winners of Loss – nr.2» (2013).


- «No Place Rising» - sound performance with Emilija Skarnulyte at Tromsø Academy for Contemporary Art, October 17th. Streamed live to Caerof Docva Gallery in Milan, Italy.
- «To perform is to achieve» / «Heia den som vinner» Alternative training program and sports lecture during Performance Night at Kvarteret, Bergen on September 5th. Organized by the Bergen Student Society.
- Poetry slam recital at Literature Festival «Det Vilde Ord» in Bodø, May 31st. http://www.detvildeord.no/
- «Selvportrett / Self portrait / Zelfportret» Interval training program in front of an audience at the opening of the bachelor exhibition «I AM HOT FOREVER // I AM NOT FOREVER», Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art, May 12th.
- Auctioneer at «Planka 2», Kurant Exhibition Space (Tromsø, February 10th )
- «The bystander problem / Tilskuerproblemet»: Performed incognito – invisible theatre – at the February Seminar, University of Tromsø, February 7th.


- «Reversible: Giftshop Performance» in the giftshop of NNKS (Northern Norway Center for Contemporary Art) – Svolvær, November 12th.
- Competed in the national Poetry Slam finals in Oslo, November 4th.
- Poetry Slam regional finals – 1st place Ordkalotten Literature Festival at Cafe Sånn - Tromsø, October 7th. - «Never Give up» premiere at Garage, Bergen, August 12th.
- «Never Give up» at «Vårslepp», spring gathering for professional dancers - Dansens Hus, Oslo (2 shows, May 27th and May 29th)


- «Never Give up» at Mind the Gap, Scenehuset – Oslo, October 29th.
- Performance at the exhibition «Read Me», Kurant Exhibition Space – Tromsø, October 6th.
- Performance during KELA, at the Nerstranda shopping mall – Tromsø, September 29th.
- Poetry slam competition 1st place, literature journal Kuiper launch at Verdensteatret – Tromsø, August 19th.
«Off-Line Life», Kurant Exhibition Space – Tromsø, June 08th.


- «Delay / Decay» – site-specific performance and installation in a former dental practice. (Part of the graduation exhibition of Kunstskolen i Bergen, May 29th – June 1st)

Solo shows:


- «Winners of Loss» - Galleri Blunk, Trondheim 26th -28th of september.

Group exhibitions:


- Public screening of «The Athletics Training Camp» at Bergen Kunsthall in the Cinema B- Open video program on April 24th. Curated by Apichaya Wanthiang.


- Exhibition with BLOKK at Galleri Puls in Norheimsund, september 5th – october 3rd.
- Rokkansenteret (University of Bergen), exhibition with BLOKK artists, august '15-may '16.


- Public screening of “Winners of Loss nr 4 - The System” in the Cinema B-Open video program at Festplassen, Bergen during the 12th of september culture night.
Curated by: Jeremy Welsh.
- «When the light began fading, I wandered home» – exhibition with Cornelia Glitsch. At Blokk – Bergen (01st -03rd of august)


- «Melancholy Lover of a Vanished Space» - Curated by Jet Pascua and Tanya Busse of Small Projects Gallery. Silverlens Gillman Barracks, Singapore (07th -30th of June).
- “BLOKK RELAY”: Gruppearbeid. Exhibition with Håkon Holm-Olsen and Mattias Arvastsson. At Blokk – Bergen. (27th -28th of september)


- Sound installation and performance - «Selvportrett / Self portrait / Zelfportret» (2012) at the BA-graduation exhibition «I AM HOT FOREVER // I AM NOT FOREVER», Tromsø Kunstforening (12th of May-03rd of June).


- «As Time Goes By...» at NNKS (Nordnorsk Kunstner Senter), Svolvær, November 11th -17th.
- «Ut i min hage – no. 19», Harstad. 18th .-25th of June.


- «Take Me Home», semester exhibition. The video «Skavlan» was exhibited and simultaneously released on Youtube. Kurant Exhibition Space, Tromsø (opened on June 8th.) Also exhibited the installation «Offline Life».

Relevant work experience:


-Organizer for PAB OPEN - International performance festival in Bergen, Norway.


- Curated and organized PAB LOKALT – performance art events featuring local performance artists – at Foundation 3,14 on March 16th and the Leprosy museum on September 17th.
- Curated and organized performance evening (with BLOKK) in Torvsalen, Old Bergen Museum, April 2nd.
- Filming: Videodocumentation of performance by Sigmund Skard, “Gaffagang/Soundtrack” and Nezaket Ekici, “Essence” at the Bergen International Performance Festival.

Since 2014:

- Board member at BLOKK.

Since 2015:

- Actor, Living History in Old Bergen Museum, June-September.
- Drawing teacher at Folkeuniversitetet in Bergen.


- Artist Assistant, Bergen Assembly. Paid job as artist assistant for some of the artists and curators that exhibited at the Bergen Assembly Triennal. 23rd -28th of august.
- Filming / Editing, Kristine Nilsen Oma / Omamotion. Videodocumentation of “Far, Far Away” (3 shows), including the production of 2 teasers, 1 trailer og editing the entire show. Including the subtitling and translation of the show from norwegian to english. June 16th – august 11th. .
- Lecture / Artist Presentation, Kunstkolen I Bergen. I conducted a presentation of my artist career thus far, primary focus being my performance work.
- Filming / Editing, Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art. I filmed and edited an artist talk by festival artist Sigalit Landau, to coincide with her exhibition «Olives». 17th of January - 06th of February.


- Lecture / Artist Presentation, Kunstkolen I Bergen. I carried out a presentation at KiB about the Art Academy of Tromsø and about my own work. 21st of March.
- Filming / Editing, romsø Center for Contemporary Art. I filmed Sigmund Skard's performance at the opening of Fail Again, Fail Better. 16th -21st of March.



- «First Move – Performance Art Bergen 2011-2015»


- Kysten 95 - a presentation of the artists at Troms Fylkeskultursenter.


- 2 poetry slam texts published in literature journal «Kuiper – Nord. Et rugeanlegg (no.2)» http://www.kuiper.no/
- Contribution to Mondo Tromsø: Mondo Tromsø Calling – released on october 6th.


- Contribution to the publication of the exhibition Read Me (Kurant Exhibition Space, Tromsø), october 05th - 14th 2010.

Music Videos:

2016: «Slim Kerk - På Trening». Director: Ken Robert Haltvik. Producer: Sunstone Film & Animation

2011: «Swankmajer - Infatuation.» Directed by: Ken Sivertsen.

2007: «Slim Kerk & DJ Little Otik - Barnevakten». Directed by: Christian "Termodress" Bøen. Public screening at Podium (Oslo) on march 29th 2007.

2006: «Slim Kerk & DJ Little Otik - Altavista». Directed by: Christian "Termodress" Bøen. Public screning at Prøverommet (Bergen, Norway) on May 20th 2006.

Music / Concerts:

2016: Digital release of the Slim Kerk EP «Work Out» on Filibuster Records.

2014: Digital release of the Visekongene album «Samnanger».

2010: Release of the Swankmajer EP “Virtual” digitally (on i-Tunes, Spotify ++) in addition to a limited CD-R release.

2008: Relsease of the Slim Kerk & DJ Little Otik concept album «WWW» digitally (i-Tunes ++) in addition to a limited CD-R release.

2007: Composed music for the Dokument Vest Pilot – a satirical news program produced by Øystein Sundland, Einar Sleire and Anders McAuley.

Slim Kerk Live:

- Concert at Landmark – Bergen, August 18th.
- Release concert for Work Out EP at Chagall – Bergen, February 26th.


- Kvarteret Helhus feat. VJ Termodress – Bergen, January 25th.
- Espen Justdal's "Apokalypse Natt" (Apocalypse Night) at Akers Mek – Oslo, January 17th.


- METEOR 2013: Prøverommet Festival Lounge, Verftet USF – Bergen, October 18th.
- Insomnia House Party Extravaganza at Rådstua - Vårscenefest Festival – Tromsø, May 4th.
- Cafe Sånn – Skittentind Rando Afterski Party – Tromsø, April 20th.
- FEEDBACK, Tvibit, Tromsø, April 17th.


- Præstengbrygga, Kabelvåg, May 05th.
- Melbu Electronica Festival, Nye Røkeriet, Melbu, May 04th.
- Slim Kerk feat. Marita Isobel Solberg (Mara and the Inner Strangeness), at Sivertsens Kafé, Performing Arts Festival Vårscenefest, Tromsø, April 28th.


- Cafe Sånn – Skittentind Rando Afterski Party – Tromsø, April 30th.


- Hotdog Culture Kiosk – Tromsø, December 10th.
- Undervekst (Teaterkafeen, Hålogaland Theatre – Tromsø, May 16th)


- Hotdog Culture Kiosk – Tromsø, December 4th.

Termodress Live:

- Elektrostat Festival, Oslo, October 3rd – VJ / performer.
- Prøverommet at Østre, Bergen, November 11th – VJ / performer.

Swankmajer (2009-2011) Live:


- Reality 2.0. at Rådstua Theatre, Tromsø, November 8th.


- Phono festival, Bergen, September 8th.
- Verdensteatret, Tromsø, August 14th.
- Driv (Tromsø), Zoom Urørt competition local finals, January 15th.


- Kreativitet Uten Kontroll at Landmark: Relay Concert with Le Flan de Sang, percussionist Tor Kristian Ervik and VJ Termodress. Bergen, June 19th.

Slim Kerk & DJ Little Otik (2004-2008) Live (selection):


- Phono festival, NG2 – Bergen, September 18th.
- «Stagediving» at Landmark – Bergen (February).


- Ole Bull Scene with improv theatre group Bergen Impro Laug – Bergen, October 14th.
- Landmark (Student Theatre Immaturus Awards) – Bergen, May 8th.
- Podium, (Hausmania) Oslo, March 29th.
- Grieghallen, Prøverommet @ Grow '07 – Bergen, March 13th.
- Stagediving, Landmark – Bergen, February 11th.

Copyright © Hans Christian van Nijkerk 2017

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